There are often times when we sit and wonder why in the world aren't things changing for the better. And then someone who cares about us really shows us the mirror that "Buddy!, your actions are not according to the results you are after!"

We all need that voice, that push, that friend. But for those that don't have anyone telling them these kind of things, then it's the inner you that at one point realizes that there is no way you can succeed if you don't put in the effort. You can never make it if you don't spend your time wisely, meet the right people, or make the right decisions.

There is a strong possibility that you will reach your goals quicker, if you have a plan. As they say, if you don't plan to succeed you are definitely planing to fail. And we don't want that do we? But on certain occassions we are somewhat guilty by doing just that. We don't plan, we don't act, and we don't do what's to be done to achieve our goals. 

I know a lot of individuals who have tremendous potential, and the opportunity but when the time comes, they don't want to take risks, and they don't like coming out of their comfort zone. That's not the way of winners.

Winners risk, they don't sit and assume success will come their way without doing anything.

So what can you do to make that change?

I would say, find good likeminded individuals in your life. Either in the family or among friends or co-workers. Stop sharing too much of your life, and just talk as little as you need to. I know people who have not been able to do anything just because they share too much of their life, only to find out that they have lost their enthusiasm to reach their goals.

It's said that when you start sharing your dreams and aspirations to do something specific, our mind and body doesn't put any more effort in that task since somewhat it feels you have already achieved the goal. 

So what you do is, you keep your ideas and secrets to yourself, and talk only about what you need to talk about, nothing more nothing less. This way you can focus on what's important and people can see your successs when it unveils.

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