Why is it important to arm the Palestinians?

If western countries have no issue when it comes to arming the Nazi-Israeli forces, then there should be no issue when one recommends that we do the same for the Palestinians. The ones that are in dire need of this support. Water, food, and shelter are one thing, but if they don't have the means to protect themselves, then what are those three things going to do?

I have seen in the past few weeks since the false flag operation on October 7th that Israel has used all the weapons at its disposal and done everything possible to get rid of every innocent little child that, in their view, could have become someone who would take revenge. Little do they know that the Palestinians are not the only ones who will take revenge on them; they have created millions of supporters of Palestine. And we will not just let the Zionists have any peace of mind, no matter what happens.

We will initiate boycotts, demonstrations, cut off any connections with any brands and companies that support Israel, and make sure that they suffer big time.

What did Israel think? That they would mass-murder and commit genocide of the people of Palestine, and there would be no consequences?

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