There are certain times when it’s ok to have doubts about a certain situation or an idea that you are having. But when such doubts keep repeating themselves, you will fall into a trap which will only make you fearful of absolutely everything and anything that come across your path.

Let’s say you are about to make a business deal with someone, but you are scared that they will con you. Well it’s ok to have such a thought as it means you are just like everyone else, but if you are scared to the level that it’s stopping you from going further with your ideas, or expanding your business or services, then this fear is destructible is not doing you any good.

Getting your guard up to defend yourself is one thing, but fearing the unknown is definitely not the smartest thing to do. Especially when want to move up the ladder.

Be cautious, yes.. but don’t fear every single thing, or person. Be cautious, but don’t be a scaredy-cat but instead be like a lion, but lot less ferocious of course.

Your main concern during a crossroad should be to make sure that you do your best in whatever you are putting your hands into. Promise 100% and deliver 200% of that. And then see how doors open up and your fear vanishes!

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