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There is lots of work that needs to be done to make a campaign work either it's collecting funds to donate thousands of qurans to non-muslims or to build a mosque, either it's to install clean water pumps in the dry areas of Pakistan to funding an operation for a sick mother. Lots of time is spent on making them a success and the only way one can reach the peak is when the costs of running such campaigns is covered. I have since decades collected millions of dollars for various organisations and raise funds for almost all those that fit the conditions of someone I can collect for. To see the campaigns I have collected for, check the menu option above that says "Charity".

What do I do?
To get a campaign to succeed, I have to plan out everything. Either it's a small campaign or a big one. I reach the donors via sms lists, that costs a lot. Then I email the rest, on a routine basis. Update them about the status, and then when all things are done. I have to get the reports, pictures and documentation from the involved organisations and individuals to present to the donors one to one or as a whole depending on what the campaign was.

So what can you do?

Well first of all, you can pray. And secondly you can become a Patreon who supports the work and wants to keep campaigns running every single month . Such monthly sponsorship will make it possible for me to atleast cover the costs of running the campaigns, and increase the targets so the cause gets most of the funds.

You can choose from 100kr (10 bucks) to 1000kr (100 bucks) a month.

 And if you can't manage any of the amounts, then please do pray because that's very much needed.

JazakAllah khair

Choose an amount that you wish to become a monthly Patreon for. Remember, you can always cancel later!

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